About Us

About us
Background & Why we started 1ON1 Fitness Holidays

1ON1 Fitness Holidays welcomes you.

1ON1 Fitness holidays is a small personalised residential boot camp where we take on no more than five people at a given time. Our aim is to focus on each individual and develop a customised plan based on your fitness goals, injuries, age and past experience.

There is no one size that fits all at 1ON1! We have trained hundreds of diverse clients, ranging from a 13 year-old National Go-Carting Champion to 65+ year-old fitness enthusiast. All of them have had different goals & needs, but share a common passion – to live a healthy and fit life.

At 1ON1, weight loss is a byproduct of a good fitness lifestyle, of which we focus on 4 elements:

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Rest and Rejuvenate

A little history about us:

Prahlladh & Khushi Bulchandani are your hosts, your trainers and your friends.

A little about our journey in why we created 1ON1 Fitness holidays:

We successfully ran 1ON1 Personal Training Studio in Chennai for eight years. The only Premium Personal Training Studio of its kind in India, it was started in 2003 offering functional & strength training. We provided 2400 square feet of state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to one person at a time. Each client’s fitness program was scientifically monitored to measure and improve performance. We also conducted Group Spinning Classes in our own Indoor Cycling Studio.

The time we spent training our students helped them get stronger, and the prescribed nutrition helped them loose weight for a brief period. However, within a few months we found that most people started slacking in their attendance and deviating from their program. We then understood that the reason for this pattern was that people had not made fitness their lifestyle. This gave birth to 1ON1 Fitness Holidays, in 2011.

The birth of 1ON1 Fitness Holidays, Kodaikanal (2011)

In 2011, we started 1ON1 Fitness Holidays in the southern hills of India. This is our dream venture, where we intend to bridge the gap between students coming only to train three times a week, and helping students develop a fit lifestyle that they can sustain in the long run.

To achieve this, our first aim was to create a clean & secluded environment away from distractions like restaurants, drugs, alcohol and demotivating people. So 1ON1 Fitness was born in Kodaikanal, a pristine home in the hills. Here, in addition to our state-of-the-art facilities, the mountain is your gym, the winding road is your treadmill and the forest is your training ground. At 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/Boot Camp, you outsource your fitness to us & we give you the fitness experience of a lifetime!

What is 1ON1 Fitness holidays in tangible terms?

1ON1 Fitness Holidays is an all-inclusive (accommodation, training & food) life-changing program, which is created for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Here, one can focus entirely on oneself, in terms of taking control of their lifestyle and bringing long-term sustainable change.

At 1ON1, we focus on four elements that lead to creating this fitness lifestyle:


We provide you with knowledge on how you can have a strong fitness foundation, on what foods are good for you and how to incorporate them into your life. We provide you with all the knowledge we have; there are no secrets or magic ingredients. If we know it, you will, too!


We focus on guiding you to the right approach towards your body and lifestyle.
We believe weight gain is only a symptom of the problem. The real problem is the lifestyle and the choices we make. Thus we help you understand the root cause of your body composition and guide you towards nourishing your body well, not starving or torturing it.


We provide you with all the tools you’ll need: we teach you how to use heart rate monitor, count calories, and make the right food choices. We show you how to maintain the correct form, stance and breathing while training so as to avoid injuries. We also give you all the recipes of the food you eat, and provide you with a complete training and yoga program before you leave.


We share with you the simple techniques of training and nutrition that you will need in order to make this lifestyle a reality after you leave the camp. We focus on short but effective workouts that will be easy to fit into your life after you leave the camp.

All these elements are taught to students on a daily basis in practice and theory. Our mantra at 1ON1 is literally TRAIN-EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT. We assure you this will be in your blood by the time you finish your training at 1ON1 Fitness Holidays.

We strive ensure a high quality program that provides our students with the best knowledge. For this reason, we regularly update our own training skills with different strength and yoga trainers across the globe.

This is a personal training program where students live, eat & train with their trainers in the same house. The environment is motivating, family like and all our students become a part of our extended family when they finish their time with us.

We also have an online mentorship program for our students, for anyone who needs our guidance to sustain this fitness lifestyle back home, when they’ve returned to their daily routines. We continue being their mentors and guide them towards reaching their goals whilst staying motivated and focused. This is done with the help our very own training app.

According to us at 1ON1, fitness is a state of mind and body. It is a way of life.

It is the union of Training, Flexibility, Nutrition, Discipline and Consistency.

When you’re at 1ON1, your goal must be to bring a sustainable change in your life rather than just a few kilos loss or gain. For those looking to lose weight, we do not believe in drastic weight loss but rather work towards helping you lose 5-8 % of your body weight in a month. We wish to share a lifestyle with you that will bring consistent and controlled change, rather than leave you swinging back and forth. We want to show you a lifestyle you will love, not simply feel forced into!

We promise you, this lifestyle not only has physical benefits but mental benefits as well – it gives you more control over your own life and reduces stress. We can even promise you more smiles and laughter! Feeling healthy is a joy, and we welcome you to this world of Health, Agility and Action.

Take that remote control in your hands and change the CHANNEL!

Welcome to 1ON1 Fitness Holidays.We invite you to browse through our website for more detailed information.