At 1ON1 Fitness Holidays, cardio is one of the four elements of your training program. It involves activities like walking, jogging, cycling, EFX and the aerodyne bike. We strongly recommend doing this session outdoors, as Kodaikanal is the perfect setting to enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature.

Cardio activities are planned every morning, for a duration of 45-75 minutes. Early mornings in Kodaikanal are beautiful, where you can walk your way to fitness while watching the sun rise and hearing the birds sing. Cardio sessions are performed with a heart rate monitor, using which students will maintain their heart rate at a certain level throughout the session by increasing or decreasing pace as needed. Your trainer will prescribe this rate based on your age and weight, to ensure that you do no over exert your body or under achieve. The benefit of the session is achieved only if you stick to the prescribed zone. This is crucial to a scientific, smart and effective approach to fat loss, and to understanding your hourly average of calories burned.

As a hill station, Kodaikanal offers curvy terrain with uphill and downhill paths. As such, for any students with injuries, we have indoor equipment to ensure that sessions take place in a controlled environment. But once you’re ready for the road, expect to enjoy a beautiful misty morning with local wildlife like monkeys, bison, dogs, and so on – it’s what we love about Kodaikanal!

Cardio at 1ON1 is not just for fitness, but also an opportunity for ME time. Your trainer will join you the first week, after which you can choose to head out or stay in the gym and use your heart rate monitor to achieve your calorie target and maintain progress.

Please note: If your goal is to run a marathon or cycle long distance, we will design a program accordingly for which your cardio session will focus on increasing your distance and endurance.

1ON1 is at your service, to train and guide you, and walk with you toward achieving your fitness goal. You will find no competition or set expectations here; we start with where you are, and work with you on improving yourself. You need only ask yourself, am I better than yesterday? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track!