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Our cardio sessions predominantly involve walking and jogging. Cycling trips can also be made, but only for people who have prior experience in mountain-biking. We also conduct treks into the mountains once a week, but it’s subject to the weather conditions and the level of injuries (if any) among the students as well the student’s individual abilities. Cardio sessions involve various activities to exercise various muscle-groups while ensuring optimum heart-rate and fat burn-rate. Variation in activities keeps every session engaging and interesting. During cardio sessions, students are required to wear their heart-rate monitors. This enables both the trainers and the students to monitor their heart-rates at all times and it also ensures that the students are neither overworked nor underworked but are performing at a level that guarantees physical improvement daily.
Sessions can last up to anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the fitness goals set, prior fitness experience and the status of old or recent injuries sustained.
Cardio sessions are preferably conducted outdoors amidst the beautiful trees and valleys. This ensures fresh, natural oxygen consumption. Sessions begin at 06:45 am and involve going through different routes from the camp. We also conduct a cardio session at Kodi Lake once a week. If however, weather conditions are prohibitive, cardio sessions are held indoors, on our cardio-machines.
Those who prefer to workout indoors are perfectly allowed to do so. The cardio session must be carried out at the prescribed heart-rate for 1 hour and the necessary number of calories must be burnt as per the workout-goals.
In the event of injuries that prevent you from walking/jogging, we will provide you with a host of other workout-options utilizing our indoor cardio-machines.
Walking, Jogging, Cycling (optional), Trekking, Indoor cycling, EFX, Skipping. These are the most common variety; the variety is to use different muscles; but in the end you have to be able to maintain your heart rate throughout the session. The kind of activity is purely for a change.
Our batch-size is typically 3-4 students and while all the students will begin their cardio sessions together at 06:45 am, the intensity of their cardio sessions will be decided and monitored by the trainer. We do not encourage an atmosphere of competition. To us, every student is important and unique.
At 1ON1 we do not force you to run/jog. We begin with a brisk walk, and jogging is used only to keep your heart-rate from dropping below the required minimum. If however, a previous injury prevents you from running/jogging altogether, we can (as we have said above) provide you with substitute exercise options on our indoor-machines.
No. Wearing your POLAR Heart-Rate monitor is a must since it is the safest and the most scientific way for us to tailor your workout-regimen and keep an eye on your physical improvements for the duration of your stay. Furthermore, Fitness accessories such as Fit-Bit, Apple-Watch and Garmin are not allowed since their measurements regarding heart-rates and calories are unreliable.
Having a healthy Cardiovascular system is the foundation for every fitness regimen. Cardio sessions will help you to strengthen your heart and improve your resting heart-rate. Furthermore, given our sedentary lifestyles, engaging in cardio sessions will help with your basic-movements such as walking/jogging/running. Using the Heart-Rate monitor will keep your cardio sessions interesting as every cardio session will be focused on maintaining a steady heart-rate and burning a set number of calories. So, you’ll be too focused on achieving those targets to feel any kind of boredom or monotony.
You will require the following: 2 pairs of Running/Walking shoes, Beanie cap, Buff, Warm gloves (not training gloves) and a warm hoodie. You need 2 pairs of shoes, one for outdoors and one for indoors. We do not allow outdoor shoes inside the gym. The Beanie Cap, buff and warm-gloves will come in useful for your outdoor cardio-sessions in the wee-hours of the morning when the air is cold and thin.
Nike Free 5.0 or Reebok CrossFit Nano (for those who need more heel support). If you’re used to a certain shoe, send us an image (showcasing the heel-curve and overall size) and we can guide you further.
Cardio sessions are held 5 days a week except for Thursday. And there is no training on Sundays.
Trainers will be with you during your first week, and they will teach you how to use your Heart-Rate monitor as well as show you the various routes in and out of camp which you will use for the morning cardio sessions. After the first week, you will be in-charge of your own cardio-sessions and the trainers will simply study the data of your Heart-Rate monitor once you return to camp.
Our cardio sessions predominantly involve walking and jogging. Cycling trips can also be made, but only for people who have prior experience in mountain-biking. We also conduct treks into the mountains once a week, but it’s subject to the weather conditions and the level of injuries (if any) among the students as well the student’s individual abilities. Cardio sessions involve various activities to exercise various muscle-groups while ensuring optimum heart-rate and fat burn-rate. Variation in activities keeps every session engaging and interesting.
No, you do not need trekking shoes, your cardio-shoes (outdoor shoes) are perfectly adequate. If you already have a pair of trekking shoes, feel free to bring them.
Whether or not you need cardio in your program is decided by your trainer based on your fitness goals, existing fitness and prior injuries (if any). If the trainer feels you need cardio in order to develop your core muscles or help with fat-loss through interval training, then he shall guide you to do so.
Yes, we can design a program centered around endurance, and also ensure no knee/ligament injuries.


Strength sessions are designed, executed and monitored by Prahlladh. The aim of strength training is to structurally balance and strengthen your body’s musculature. The intensity of the training is dictated by your existing fitness, prior injuries (if any) and past training experience.
Depending on your level of fitness and past experience, sessions can last anywhere between 45-90 minutes.
In our indoors gym. It is equipped with all the necessary machines and weights required for both a full-body routine and for individual muscle exercises.
You only fear that which you do not know. It is our job to educate you about the proper use of weights and how to exercise with the right posture and stance to minimize muscle pain and injuries. Furthermore, we begin with light-weights (especially for beginners) and increase the weights as your muscle-strength improves.
Muscle-gain is directly related to the level of testosterone in one’s body. Since women do not have this hormone, it takes a lot of weight-training (and hormone injections) for women to gain muscle. The goal of “Strength-Training” is to increase strength, not muscle-mass.
Injury rehabilitation is a major part of strength-training. You will find that as you train, your old aches and pains will reduce as your weakened muscles grow stronger. If you cannot perform certain exercises, then substitute exercises will be taught to you.
Beginners are taken through a moderate full-body workout routine which primes their muscles and limbs for more advanced and intense training sessions as the weeks progress. The primary focus of the training is to teach you the right form, technique and breathing rhythm.
Students with moderate or even extensive experience in weight/strength training will be made to focus on advanced versions of: Big-lifts, Squats, Deadlifts, Front-Squats, Bench-press, Dips & Pull-ups etc. Each strength-training program is personalized and will take into account your previous experience and injuries (if any).
The maximum number of students allowed during strength-training is 2. And only if they are of the same fitness level.
Yes, you will need your heart-rate monitor as it will help your trainer to adjust the speed with which to move you from one exercise to the other.
You will need a pair of indoor-shoes. And these shoes will not be used for any outdoor sessions and must always be kept clean. As to the type of shoes required, we can discuss the same once you sign up for the program as different strength-regimen require different shoes.
Mostly, no. However, if you’re comfortable working out with them, then feel free to bring them along.
Yes, this is essential, if you have had any prior back injury, or have slight back pains due to sedentary lifestyle, overweight, or accident or for any reason. Please do bring a training belt with you. Feel free to ask us for our recommendations in terms of which brand or size, incase you need to buy one.
5 sessions a week, based on the kind of workout-routine your trainer designs for you.
Yes, your trainer, Prahlladh is with you at all times as he is the one who’s responsible for designing your routine, monitoring your heart-rate & calorie-burn and also ensuring that you execute each exercise perfectly before moving on to a more advanced technique or a greater weight.
The aim of 1on1 Fitness is to create a NEW you. NOT the old you minus a few kilos. Excess weight often leads to a weakened musculature; therefore, strength/weight-training is required to strengthen your muscles and joints so that your body can perform Cardio, Yoga, and High-Intensity workouts efficiently and thus gain the maximum benefit from your fitness regimen.
We encourage our students to tell us their top-5 fitness aspirations once they reach camp. Following that, we design a workout regimen that includes helping you achieve your aspirations. And nothing would make us happier than to have you achieve all 5 before your leave.
The journey towards fitness requires only your enthusiasm, dedication and commitment. If you bring these three to the table, we guarantee that you will never have to worry about your ‘level’ ever again.
We would request you to come with an open mind and learn new training techniques, at the end of the camp, you are free to adapt the new training techniques you have learnt here or go back to the ones you knew before. While your at the camp, we insist on breaking old habit patterns. Trust your trainers and you will go back with new tools to add to your kit.
If you have taken permission from your trainer and excused yourself for something important , we understand. In case your late due to over sleeping or laziness then you will have to do 1 burpee for each minute of being late, as penalty. Punctuality and discipline are the key success factors to this program.
If you inform us a day in advance we can help in rescheduling. Last minute changes are difficult as everything here runs on a clock 🙂


As the name suggests, it’s a High Intensity workout that usually lasts for 20 minutes and is performed at a higher heart-rate than the cardio sessions. The goal of the session is for students to reach 90% of their maximum heart rate. Each student’s maximum heart rate is different as it is based on their age and fitness level. During the session, students are required to wear their heart-rate monitors and their workout will be closely monitored by their trainer so that the students are not overworked or cause any injuries to themselves.
The duration of the session is anywhere between 15- 20 minutes. Based on your injuries, fitness goals and prior fitness experience.
Activities during HIIT include: Burpees, Hammer-Hits, Tyre-Pulling, Box-Jumps, assisted Pull-ups/full Pull-ups, Aerodyne Bike etc. the goal is to bring back basic movement abilities that we have lost due to our sedentary lifestyles.
Sessions are conducted both indoors and outdoors depending on your training schedule for the day and weather-conditions.
Exercises are designed based on your existing fitness levels, age and prior-injuries (if any). Trainers will scale up the level of activities and intensity of the workouts as your body becomes more responsive and gains strength.
As with most of our exercises, if injuries prevent you from performing a particular activity, we shall provide you with a substitute activity that will be more suitable to your condition.
Yes, but just like Cardio, everyone will begin their HIIT sessions together. However, the trainer will prescribe a different exercise to each student and the goal for each student is to complete the training faster than their previous attempts. Your only challenge is yourself.
As we have mentioned before, your Heart-Rate monitors are vital to the process of monitoring and calibrating your workout. Therefore, you MUST wear them during your sessions. Fitness accessories such as Fit-Bits, Apple Watch and Garmin are prohibited.
HIIT is a way to make your body ultra-fit and agile in a short amount of time. Due to aging or a sedentary lifestyle our muscles lose the memory of vigorous movement. High-intensity workouts help your muscles regain those movements and build-up greater speed which will provide you with agility and ease of motion.The short duration and frequency of these sessions will prevent nervous exhaustion and also prevent a rise in cortisol levels (a stress hormone).
You do not need any special gear for this session.
A minimum of 2 sessions per-week.
Yes, your trainer will be with you throughout the session, monitoring your execution as well as your heart-rate and will calibrate your workout based on your performance.
Performing additional sessions are completely at the discretion of your trainer. Fitness goals are considered when tailoring every workout session. Thus, if the trainer feels you need extra training, then they will inform you of the same.
As we’ve said before, as long as you bring your enthusiasm, dedication and commitment, you needn’t worry about your ‘level’.
Yes, the session will be customised for you, with low intensity exercises.


The format of the class is as follows:
  • Begin with a small Sanskrit prayer to tune the mind within.
  • Breathing exercises to cleanse your respiratory tract, improve lung capacity and improve concentration.
  • Dynamic stretches (such as Surya Namaskar)
  • Static stretches, holding each posture starting from 30 seconds slowly building it up to 5 minutes, concentrating on weaker areas.
The reason we hold static stretches this way is to give muscles enough time to release on their own, not by pushing or pulling the body, not by striving, but by letting go. There is no fight with the body, but rather it’s all about flowing with the body and the breath.
The duration of the session is 60 minutes.
The yoga sessions are conducted mostly outdoor under the tree, open sky if the weather supports us, or its conducted indoors.
No, your teacher, Khushi Bulchandani has trained in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. Both these are slow and relaxed forms of yoga, purely meant to stretch and let go. The reason for adopting this form of yoga is, it complements the program. With strength training, cardio, hiit your body becomes tight and sore, this class is aimed at expanding the body and totally opening it up!
We do not force you/push you or pull you into any posture, we work with the body everyday and you will be surprised with what your body can do.
If you have any injuries that inhibit you from doing any asanas/postures. We have many substitutes for the same. We work with your body, there are no general rules.
We do not take more than 3-4 students in the camp at one time. Yes we group students based on similar fitness levels/prior experience. Even then if your paired with someone, your teacher will ensure that you do not perform any exercise that could aggravate your old injuries. In fact the goal of this class is only to stretch there is no striving! There is no competition, each one has to work with their body, injuries and pace. We give you cushions, power blocks, belts even warm blankets in the end to relax. This class is meant to relax, breathe and let go!
No, we do not need a heart rate monitor for this, as this session is purely to stretch, relax and make your spine more flexible and strong. It is not for calories or weight loss.
This is an important component of the program at 1ON1, as it is the only element that focuses on expanding and lengthening the muscles. It plays a crucial role in complementing the other elements of the program (that is, strength training, conditioning & cardio) which involve shortening and contracting the muscles. Yoga helps physically with making the spine more flexible and strong. Mentally it helps in calming the mind and for a few minutes truly relaxing just you, your body and your breath.
You do not need any gear for yoga. Just comfortable clothing, which would include track pants and lose long t-shirts. Please avoid wearing shorts/ hot pants/ short t-shirts/ or night pajamas. As we do inversions, bends and splits so please ensure that while your packing you have long lose t-shirts with comfortable track pants.
6 sessions a week except sunday is a complete training off.
Yes, most definitely she is with you in every breath!
No, we are here to take you from wherever you are. There is no level you need to be at. All we need is your enthusiasm, dedication and commitment!


The fitness house is a three-bedroom bungalow with a living room, dining area, an outdoor deck, in-house gym and access to gardens and beautiful valley There are two rooms at 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/Boot Camp.
  • The first room includes a double bed, a common bathroom which is just outside the room and a bay window with the valley view.
  • The second room has twin beds, with attached bathroom and a deck with an amazing valley view.
Both these rooms are fully furnished, with a classical touch. They have wooden flooring and a beautiful picture window, for you to enjoy the outdoors whilst staying cozy in your bed after a long hard day of training. Both rooms are located on the first floor and are accessible by a staircase.
No, the gym, your rooms and your trainers all live in the fitness house.
The fitness house is 5 kms from the main town. It is accessible by taxi or even walking is great!
Yes, it does get quiet in the valley. But we are not cut-off from the world. Just outside the gated community you will find a few tourist shops and eateries. However, post 6pm, silence is the preferred way of life.
Yes, If you come as a partner or a couple and are willing to share the twin room, there will be no additional charge for the accommodation. The package price includes shared accommodation only.

No, If you’re a single traveller, as all single travellers to the boot camp, need to take a private room. You can choose between the three options given below. The photos of the same are available in our STAY page

  • In house: Private Room with shared bathroom and deck access through a bay window: Rs 2000/ day
  • In house: Private Suite with private bathroom, and complete private deck door access : Rs 3000/ day
  • Out house: Private External Accommodation: Lofty Meadows (next door to the fitness house) is Rs 2000/ day.
Please feel free to call us for any queries regarding these accommodation options. Thank you.
Yes, It is mandatory for all single travellers to have their own private rooms. Shared accommodation and basic package price is applicable only to couples or partners.
We are very sorry but everyone staying in the fitness house, has to be part of the fitness program.
If circumstances arise where you do not get along with your roommate (could be your friend, parent, sibling, husband) due to personal differences (snoring, sleep-walking, late-night phone conversations or excessive TV viewing), then with mutual consent you can opt for the private rooms based on availability. Private room charges will be applicable in this case.
Yes, if you book in advance you may have a choice based on availability.
  • In house: Private Room with shared bathroom and deck access through a bay window : Rs 2000/ day
  • In house: Private Suite with private bathroom, and complete private deck door access : Rs 3000/ day
  • Out house: Private External Accommodation: Lofty Meadows (next door to the fitness house) is Rs 2000/ day.
Yes, the prices for the same are:
  • In house: Private Room with shared bathroom and deck access through a bay window : Rs 2000/ day
  • In house: Private Suite with private bathroom, and complete private deck door access : Rs 3000/ day
  • Out house: Private External Accommodation : Lofty Meadows (next door to the fitness house) is Rs 2000/ day.
No, it will not affect your fitness program in anyway, we will take care of all your training sessions and nutrition, you only go to your room to rest. The neighbouring accommodation is the next door bungalow to the fitness house. It is in the same gated community. It is not far away or seculded.
No, staying on-site/near the house is vital. Throughout the day you will either be busy with training, or nutrition classes, or discussing your fitness goals or learning how to create your own diet-plan. Therefore, it is impractical to stay at a hotel/friend’s place while trying to get the full-benefits of the program.
At 1ON1 Fitness Holidays we plan to provide you with a healthy environment where everyone is away from vices, motivating each other to fight their old habits and be the change you want to see! The environment in the house provides the perfect learning ground for a strong fitness foundation on training and dietary methods, and will be a gateway to improve your lifestyle. As many of our former students say, “Our life is contagious.” The togetherness you will experience at 1ON1 will affect your lifestyle even in ways you won’t realise! You will experience a new kind of learning when given the chance to observe others practice what they preach, and there’s no better or faster way to learn new habits.
Yes, it is very safe for a single girl, we assure you complete safety.
  • Comfortable bed with warm blankets and pillows
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cupboard with a safe and key
  • Flat screen TV with Fire Stick
  • Deck access with valley view
  • All linens are included (Towels and bed sheets changed once a week)
  • A place to hang your clothes dry
  • Hair- dryer and basic toiletries
  • A kettle with collection of different green teas
  • A small collection of books
  • Alarm Clock
  • Room and bathroom is cleaned everyday
  • In addition to your room, you have access to the living room which has a 65” Flat screen TV equipped with Netflix, Amazon and other smart TV options. You also have access to big gardens in the gated community which are perfect for relaxation on a warm sunny day.
Room and bathroom is cleaned all days except sunday.
All linens are included, towels and bed sheets are changed once a week). If you need an earlier change, feel free to ask us, we are happy to do so.


For any student beginning their fitness journey, the composition of your meals here will be approximately 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 20% fat, with some variations depending on metabolic typing. While we keep dairy products to a minimum, your meal plan will include a variety of macronutrients, including fruits, cereal, oats, vegetables, nuts, greens, all grains, pulses and eggs. Meal plans are built based on fitness goals and medical conditions. We do not serve non-vegetarian food (except for egg-whites or whole-eggs depending on your diet regimen)
No, we do not believe in torturing the body, your here to nourish and heal the body. You will be fed every 2.5 hours in small portions with healthy foods and right combinations of food.
If necessary, we do cater to special dietary requirements, including:
  • Raw food
  • Lactose free diet
  • Gluten free diet
  • Ketogenic diet
Please note: Customized ketogenic programs for students will be provided at an additional cost of 10% of the program fees.
We do not serve non-vegetarian food (except for egg), therefore the additional protein requirement needs to be supplemented.
No, we play it very safe with protein, we start with less than 0.5 gm of protein per kilo of your body weight and slowly build you up. We do give importance to protein in the diet as it is a very important nutrient to help with recovery and growth of muscles.
There is no non-vegetarian food served at the camp, but yes once a week we take you for a cheat meal outside the camp, then you are free to enjoy some non-vegetarian food but strictly tikkas or tandoori, we do not permit gravies (oil based curries) and other deep fried food even on your cheat meal.
The camp is very strict with no sugar/fried food for the entire duration of the camp even on the cheat meal. If you crave certain foods, and if they are within the scope of the cheat meal we surely will help organizing the same for you.
If you do not eat eggs, then your protein options via food are limited and thus you will have to increase your intake of protein shakes. We do not serve soya at the camp, as all soya is now genetically modified.
Constipation is a result of a bad lifestyle, once you change your diet, start exercising, very slowly this issue is also easily dealt with. For some its quick, for some it make take longer, but this lifestyle change will definitely help in eradicating this problem in the long run.
At 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/Boot Camp, our goal is to not only provide healthy meals during your stay, but to equip you with knowledge about the food you are consuming and how it affects your body, mind and soul. Our intentional nutrition education includes answers to the following questions:
  • Which foods do I eat?
  • What are the major three macronutrients and their roles in our body?
  • How much should I eat?
  • When to eat which food?
  • What are the calorie counts of different foods?
  • What is difference between healthy food, calorie dense and nutrient dense food?
  • How much water do I drink and why?
  • How to cook healthy food?
  • How do I monitor my calories? (with the help of different apps which will be explained to you)
  • What should I order when I dine out?
  • Why, when and do I need a cheat meal?
  This is just a broad outline of the knowledge you will gain in your time here at 1ON1 Fitness holidays. What we provide is a crash course in understanding your body and how it reacts to different foods. So, you will be very well prepared once you leave the camp.
Yes, we will. If you need a demo of any dish that you have enjoyed here, we will be happy to organize that as well.

Check list

Nutritional supplements help the overall functioning of your body. At 1ON1Fitness Holidays we guide you with nutritional supplements like fish/flax seed oil, vitamins, magnesium, and probiotics based on your MEDICAL HISTORY. We provide comprehensive knowledge on the benefits of these supplements when you’re at the program, as well as how and when to take them.
Amazon India/ USA/Body Health. These supplements are cheaper in USA. If you’re from UAE supplements are excellent there, you can check with us for brands. If from any other country, then feel free to check with us before purchasing your supplements.
No, we work with POLAR/MY ZONE heart rate monitor as it is most accurate with heart rate and calories
Yes, you can get the shoes you have, if you’re comfortable in them, but please send us photos of the shoes, just to be sure before your arrival.
Aminos is an Intra workout powder to be added to your 1 liter bottle and had during your morning and evening workouts to ensure you do not lose muscle. So, one bottle for Aminos and one to drink water throughout the day. As a rule, you need to have four liters of water, at the camp every day, thus these bottles are essential.
No, we mix the protein at your snack times and bring it to you.
It is warm thin fabric that is used to cover your mouth and ears when you go for morning runs as the air is very tin, you can also use it to cover your head. It’s a multipurpose fabric.
Full track pants, full sleeve t-shirts as it is cold in Kodaikanal. If you are comfortable in shorts you can carry a pair or two. You do require a hoodie jacket for morning cardio outside. Please get a few of these as you will sweat in them.
Very essential for you to get optimum results.
No, Kodaikanal being a small hill station, none of these items are available here. However, if you have an issue carrying too much weight in the airline, you can amazon the items on the checklist to the 1ON1 Fitness House. We will have it collected for you.
No, Kodaikanal has no medical labs. If you’re from out of India and the tests are very expensive in your country, you can do it in the Indian city that you land at and ask the clinic to email you the results.
We need latest reports. We do not accept reports older than 3 months.

Who is this for?

Our program caters to anyone and everyone who want to make a lifestyle change. You could be a beginner or a gym-rat. A teenager or an elderly person. Our goal is to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes that will put you on the path of long-lasting fitness and good health. We do not modify your weight here at 1ON1 fitness. We aim to modify your lifestyle choices.
The term ‘Boot-Camp’ generally implies rigorous discipline, deprivation of luxury and the need to simply follow orders without explanation. While 1ON1 does deprive you of some luxury (like fried-foods and sugar) and we do subject you to rigorous disciple, we do not do so without giving an explanation. Our goal is to educate you about a healthy lifestyle and not torture you into making short-term gains. Through education, we believe that our students will be inspired to nurture and nourish their bodies on their own once they leave camp. We are one stop shop, which caters to all your fitness needs Cardio, Yoga, Training, Nutrition, sleeping early, waking up early, eating in the correct intervals, calorie counting, supplement education, hormone balancing and injury rehabilitation. It is your time to take control of your mind and body. Understand what works for you and take it back with you. We share all the knowledge we have and even after you leave the camp, if you need our support, we have a mentorship program, thus its not just a weight loss camp its a lifestyle changing camp. We make our students answerable to themselves and self-reliant and try to ensure that after 1ON1 they never need to attend another ‘Boot-camp’ again.
A complete re-evaluation of your lifestyle. With the road-map that we will provide you, you can expect to make gains in both your Body and Mind and thereby achieve your fitness goals. When it comes to the Body, you can expect: An increase in muscle strength, an increase in stamina, reduction of pains that have been recurring and nagging for years and an increase in your overall endurance. When it comes to the Mind, you can expect: Knowledge about your own body. Knowledge about the difference between beneficial and harmful nutrition. Understanding how to customize your diet once you leave camp so that you can continue to see and feel the benefits of your training. A knowledge of various supplements that can be helpful or harmful depending how your body reacts to them. The concept of hormone balancing and using both Diet and Exercise as a means to achieve your fitness goals.
As we’ve mentioned throughout our web-site, we’re in the business of changing your ‘Lifestyle’ so you shouldn’t come to us expecting ways and means to make short-term gains via starvation or overtraining. We also do not deal in steroids, fat-burners or performance enhancing drugs. Real and long-lasting change comes from real efforts and real methods.
We aim for a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 8% loss of body weight with the 28-night program. Our record of achievement with our students is excellent. However, some of our students who suffer from PCOD, Chronic Constipation or Thyroid issues could not achieve the same level of results. Since it’s imperative for weight-loss that your gut works at its peak, people suffering from these conditions achieve results at a slower rate.
Yes, we do check for inch loss. The day you arrive your trainer takes your full body measurements and then we take the same measurements on the last day of your camp.
Yes, we do measure fat loss on a Tanita Scale, which gives us an approximate idea of where we stand. We do not have DEXA scan or an IN-Body measurement machine.
A 14-night package is a Kick Start or Refresher program. This program is for students who have trained in the past but have now taken a break due to work or other circumstances and would like to get back, and kick start their fitness from where they left off. This two-week option is best for those who have a certain fitness background, and do not have to spend time understanding form, stance, breathing, heart rate and other nuances. The 28-night package is a Lifestyle Change program. If you are looking for a change in your lifestyle, this program will help you identify the root cause of your weight gain/loss and understand your body’s weaknesses, allergies, injuries and others. With 4 weeks in hand, we can spend quality time on studying your lifestyle and the changes you need to bring within your life to see a sustainable improvement in your fitness level. With enough time to build a sturdy foundation, you will leave the 28-day program feeling confident to take this lifestyle back with you. We strongly recommend that beginners take the 28-night package, which will allow for more time to develop a fitness lifestyle and take it with you. To discuss more about which program would be more appropriate for you, feel free to call us.
We prefer if you decide your time frame and goals in the beginning, as it helps us create a program in an organized fashion and ensure that we can pack in all the tools you will need to sustain your goals. But for any reason, you cannot commit more than a fortnight initially, then you can sign in for 14 nights and if we have a slot available or last min cancellation we will be happy to extend.

1 Week sample schedule at 1ON1 Fitness Holidays/Boot Camp:

6:45 AM-7:45AM11:30 AM12:00PM-1:00 PM5:00-6:00 PM

To know more about each of these elements click here: Cardio/Fat loss // HIIT // Yoga // Strength // Trekking

Please note: The table given above is the basic plan of strength training , cardio and yoga. These sessions are individually customised depending on injuries, age and fitness goals. Durations of sessions may vary based on fitness goals (for example, a weight loss goal will require calorie targets to be met). Additionally, we will customise sessions to specifically benefit students training for specific events, such as a marathon or a hike.However, it must be noted that there will be no change in the daily time table/schedule.

We also conduct: Nutrition classes to teach you the science behind what you are eating, and how nutrition will help you achieve your fitness goals. Supplement classes to demonstrate why supplements like probiotics/fish oil/protein, etc. are important and how they help your mind and body. Healthy Cooking classes are held on request.

Step 1: Fill the enquiry form on the contact us page; mentioning a convenient time for us to call you. Step 2: We will call you to understand your goals and inform you of the slots available. Step 3: If your convinced then we send you an email with the items you will need, the medical tests and the bank deposit details. Step 4: Deposit 50% of the program fees to block your slot. Step 5: We will ask you for a detailed profile form, to understand your expectations from the program and then design a program accordingly.
We run in slots and we do not work some months of the year. So you will have to check with us based on availability, but more or less our students book 2 months in advance as we do not exceed 4 students at given point of time. Your always free to check for last minute cancellations as well.
Yes, you do not have to worry about that as we do not take more than 4 people at a time in the camp. In your training sessions you will most likely workout with one other student provided you both have the same fitness levels. If you have injuries, then we will surely keep your session private. But this depends on the discretion of the trainers.
No, we do not offer any discounts to new students. Our old students get a 5% discount on the package fees.