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1on1 Mentorship Program

At 1ON1 Fitness Holidays, we work towards providing you the tools you need to sustain a fit lifestyle. The Online Mentorship Program is a crucial part of that tool kit.

While you are at 1ON1, we work to make sure the environment is perfect for learning and growing in your fitness journey. This means all your meals are plated and served to you, with calories counted. You won’t find temptations nearby, with limited restaurants or other foods available. The gym is always ready and waiting for you just downstairs, with no wait line for the machine. Your trainer is motivating you through every rep, and your yoga instructor is there calm you down afterward. So the question is, what happens when the camp is over?

Many of our students find it difficult to adjust after leaving 1ON1 – suddenly you find yourself with crowded gyms, where the machines look different, food is all around and there are unlimited choices. It’s easy to feel lost and disheartened, especially after all the effort you put in. We know you don’t want to return to your old lifestyle, habits or vices, which is why at 1ON1 we offer to walk with you through the transition.

With the Online Program, we aim to handhold and smoothly guide you back into the real world, so that everything you learned here can be incorporated into your life back home. We help you find ways to deal with every nuance and problem listed above. 

Please note: This program is only offered for students who have attended at least one residential camp with us.  

To know more about how this program works please see below:

To know more about how this program works please see below: 

What is the Online Mentorship Program? How does it work?
Problems Faced by StudentsHow the Online Program Helps
I now have an all-new variety of foods to choose from.We help you with determining which foods are good to eat, which are not.Communicate via WhatsApp from anywhere at any time, and ask your trainer for help in making a meal choice.
How do I know how much of something I can eat?We will walk you through portion sizes and quantity control.
I’ve just joined a new gym. How do I know which machine is for what?We can help you work out how to make the best use of your new gym equipment.Send us photos of the machines in your gym and we will tell you how you could do a similar workout in a different gym.
I don’t have anyone to report to!We understand that accountability plays an important role, and are here to help you stay on track by keeping you accountable.With the help of the online apps, we can see and monitor what you are eating and how your workout is going as soon as you’ve entered the information. We can use it to guide you at each step.
I’m lacking motivation and feel like I cannot keep it up.We understand that when there are so many other things on your agenda or you made a bad meal choice, it can be easy to be de-motivated. We are here to cheer you on and encourage you!We are available on call or WhatsApp to get you right back on track.
I’m doing everything I learned, but I don’t know how to see my progress or know if I’m getting better.Doing the same exercises can become monotonous, and we understand that you can easily lose interest. We are here to keep developing your program and bring change as needed.We provide new programs every 3-6 weeks depending on your consistency and weekly feedback.

As you can see, the Online Program was created to be a bridge between the camp and your life back home. Incorporating the program into your life as you ease back into it will ensure that your time spent at 1ON1 was worthwhile!

The Online Mentorship Program at 1ON1 includes the following for 3 months:

  • A customized Fitness Plan based on your individual goals will be provided to you. It will include a detailed plan for weight training, cardio and flexibility, complete with videos as and when required to explain the correct form for the workouts. We will provide you with an excel sheet that must be filled out weekly with your progress.
  • Diet Plan with regular consultation, customised to your weight, body type and favourite healthy dishes, with a variety of options provided. We will monitor your diet as you update details daily on the My Fitness Pal app.
  • Variations will be added to your Yoga routines on a monthly/ weekly basis as and when you progress.
  • In case of any aches, pains or injuries, we will monitor and change workouts as needed or on a monthly basis.
  • Based on the food and workout journal that you update on the My Fitness Pal app, we will conduct a Weekly Progress Review. This is critical for the success of the program. This will be via a WhatsApp or regular call, to discuss the progress towards your fitness goal and keep up your motivation.
  • Any information you require on fitness products, workouts, diet foods and diet supplements will be provided as and when you need it. We are available to answer your questions via WhatsApp messages.

Please note: With online consultations, our role is to provide constant guidance. However, the responsibility for implementation falls on you. Results cannot be guaranteed on our end, but we are confident that following the program we offer and taking our help as you need it will show you the results you’re looking for.

The Online Program works on an app called Trainerize. We will provide you with a demo of the app once you plan to sign up. This app is how we will monitor your weights and your consistency throughout the program. You will also use the My Fitness Pal app to update us on your diet.

  • WhatsApp: we will be available on WhatsApp throughout the week for any queries related to your nutrition or fitness.
  • Weekly Chat on Sunday: we will have one weekly chat every Sunday to review progress and plan the following week.
  • Weight checks and measurements are to be updated on the Trainerize app every Monday and Thursday.

The cost of the base online program is Rs 43,700/- inclusive of 3 month mentorship along with 2 live virtual training sessions of 60 minutes each with Prahlladh and Khushi.

We strongly recommend joining the Online Program especially if you are traveling. Being in a new place, you are likely to face more challenges in identifying healthy meal options and opportunities to workout. We can help you decide among your options, to ensure that you keep up your diet and training. This additional accountability with your trainer while you’re traveling will prove to be very helpful.

We have found the Online Program to be a great success with most of our students, who especially find it helpful for sustaining the lifestyle they have built with us. However, implementation of the program falls squarely on you. This program will be truly beneficial only if you make the most of having trainers on call, report your diet and training regularly and prioritise calls and communication. Without this effort on your part, our guidance will not be enough to ensure the results you want.

Termination of the Online Program: Clauses

Clause 1:  We require you to update your diet on the My Fitness Pal everyday, and your workout on Trainerize every week. Without regular reporting, this program will not bring any change to your lifestyle. You have to be dedicated, committed and feel accountable to your trainer.

Reporting is the key to the success of this program.

Clause 2: We will call you every week to check your progress, discuss your diet and any issues you might have. Without any response or input from your side, we will continue to send reminders for up to 3 weeks. After this, we will no longer attempt to get in contact with you, but will be available for help for the remainder of the 3-month period.

Remember, you are hiring us to give you guidance. Without reports of your diet and training though, we will be unable to do so online. If you’re ready to be a dedicated student with the Online Program, then let’s begin the journey!

We love each of our students and enjoy guiding them while you are here at the camp. However, once you leave the camp, our official relationship as your trainer ends unless you join the Online Program. We’re happy to keep in touch as friends, but for any professional advice on nutrition, training, supplements, etc., we will not be available on call after you complete the residential program.

Absolutely! You will be leaving the residential camp with a copy of your training program and a report of your progress. With everything you have learned about nutrition, training and yoga, you will be able to follow it on your own. However, if you feel unable to do so, please get back to us and we can get you started on the Online Program. Please note, as mentioned above, the cost of the Online Program will then be Rs 43,700/- for 3 months. Our hope is to be there whenever you need us!