For your stay at 1ON1 Fitness Holidays, we welcome you to our very own home with open arms and a warm smile.

Welcome Aboard!

The fitness house is a three-bedroom bungalow with a living room, an outdoor deck, in-house gym, outdoor heated yoga deck and access to gardens and the beautiful valley view. Kodaikanal itself is filled with greenery, mountains, cliffs and beautiful views; however, it also has a growing population and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination. 1ON1 Fitness Holidays is perfectly located just 5 kilometres from the city, in a gated community called Mill haven. Here, the hustle and bustle of the city melts away and you’re left alone with the world of nature, silence, mist, and the sun!

Why Homestay Accommodation?

The homestay at 1ON1 is a very crucial part of the training, as it offers the rare opportunity to live with your trainers and actually observe their lifestyle. We want to dispel any myths about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle – yes, it requires discipline, consistency and perseverance. But it is also about simplicity, and finding the right balance of health and enjoyment.

We believe, we do become the food we eat and the environment we live in. At 1ON1 Fitness Holidays we plan to provide you with a healthy environment where everyone is away from vices, motivating each other to fight their old habits and be the change you want to see! The environment in the house provides the perfect learning ground for a strong fitness foundation on training and dietary methods, and will be a gateway to improving your lifestyle.

As many of our former students say, “Our life is contagious.” The togetherness you will experience at 1ON1 will affect your lifestyle even in ways you won’t realise! You will experience a new kind of learning when given the chance to observe others practice what they preach, and there’s no better or faster way to learn new habits.

We live the life that we recommend for you, and we share the fitness lifestyle with you. We open all our kitchen secrets, share all recipes, and we open our hearts to welcome you into our lives!

Your living space!

All the accommodation options are in one gated community called Mil Heaven.

The Fitness House is where all the activities happen. It’s where your trainers live as well (Training, 4 out of the 6 classes of yoga, all meals). This house has three rooms, which are relatively premium to the others. Details of the amenities and photos are below.

Fitness House – Living Room

Fitness House – Yoga Deck

Fitness House – Outdoor Sitting

Fitness House – Indoor Dining

Fitness House – Luv Bedroom

Fitness House – Luv Restroom

Fitness House – Luv Restroom

Fitness House – Kush Bedroom

Fitness House  –  Restroom

Satori Room

Rooms Location Deck /View Power Back up Wi-fi Room Heater Smart TV Price /night
Luv In the fitness house Complete deck access with a valley view Yes Two services for backup purposes. Speed:100 gb Yes Hot Infra-red bed + heater Yes Rs.6000/-
Satori In the fitness house Green View Yes Two services for backup purposes. Speed:100 gb Split hot and cool a/c with a meter Yes Rs.6000/-
Kush In the fitness house Deck access through a bay window with a valley view Yes Two services for backup purposes Yes.Hot Infra-red bed Yes Rs.5500



All rooms have ensuite bathrooms; bedsheets are changed weekly, towels are provided, and cleaning is done daily. A kettle can be provided in the room if required.

HEATER IS ADDITIONALLY CHARGED AT RS 500/NIGHT if you need one in your room.

In addition to your room, you have access to the living room with a 75” Flat screen TV equipped with Netflix, Amazon, and other smart TV options. You also have access to big gardens in the gated community, which are perfect for relaxation on a warm sunny day.

Please feel free to bring any books, artwork, music, etc., that will be helpful for your rest periods.

We welcome you into our house, where we meditate, train, and celebrate health, peace, and happiness. Come home to disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself!

See you soon!