Strength Training


All strength sessions are conducted as personal training sessions with Prahlladh. His focus in these sessions is to strengthen your muscles with structural balance, so that you become functionally strong. Strength sessions are designed for each student based on individual fitness goals, injuries and past training experience.

Strength Sessions for Beginners

Strength sessions for beginners involve a full body program, with a routine that primes the body for more advanced movements in the future. The routine targets strengthening legs, shoulders, pectoral triceps, biceps, lats, abs and the lower back. We focus on teaching you the right form, technique and breathing throughout the routine, and ensure that you start out with lighter weights before slowly building up your strength. The pre-and post-workout stretches are of utmost importance, as well as breathing techniques, in order to build a strong fitness foundation. Our goal is that you will eventually learn to enjoy your strength sessions! Many of our weight loss students ask us, why should I strength train?

We understand the desire for immediate weight loss, but the more pressing issue is what kind of weight you want to lose. The type of exercise and diet you follow will determine whether you lose fat or you lose muscle. Using short cuts or diets without training can lead to losing muscle, which isn’t healthy and won’t give you the body shape you’re aiming for.

In strength sessions, our goal is to introduce you to a muscle mind connection. You will be amazed at the way your body can function at its peak using this technique of awareness, as you understand what it’s capable of doing. Every exercise in these sessions is designed to strengthen muscles involved in daily functional movement such as pulling, pushing, squatting, lifting, jumping and twisting (movements inherent to all of us as children, but forgotten along the way).

We at 1ON1 Fitness Holidays want you to lose weight (fat), but also gain lean muscle and strength. Over the years, your body has been carrying excess weight and wearing down your spine and other joints. We want to help you understand your body, be rid of aches and pains caused by weakness and work towards creating a stronger version of yourself.

Strength Sessions for Intermediate Students:

Strength sessions for all students with previous experience and training will focus on the big lifts such as squats, dead lifts, bench press, incline bench press, over head press, dips and pull-ups. Programs are designed for each student based on individual fat loss/muscle building/strength goals, while taking into account previous injuries. The sole aim of strength sessions is to gain strength and lean muscle while developing functional stability and structurally balance. Proper technique is of utmost importance, and we will ensure that it’s a big take back for you.

Strength gains do not come easily, and require a carefully designed program to ensure progress in each training session. We individually design programs ranging from hypertrophy phase, to intensification phase, to fat loss, muscle building and others based on your goals.

For all students, beginner and intermediate: We believe that in order to benefit from a program, you must sustain it through at least 4-6 exposures. Our experience has not shown us long-term strength gains from variety training (merely changing programs and exercises for the sake of variety). Building muscle requires a scientifically designed program with the correct rep range, tempo and rest periods followed in a sustained periodic fashion.

Strength training is more than merely lifting dumbbells. If done correctly, it requires concentration, control and focus. Building strength can only be done with mindfulness and your full attention, for every repetition and set. Our hope is to share our love for strength with you; we want you to love training for how it feels during and after a session. Rather than worrying about results and strength gains as you train, focusing on quality strength sessions will guarantee results. Just begin to love the process!

Your trainer has been trained by and with many of the best strength coaches around the globe, and his goal is to share his training knowledge and experience with you. Prahlladh himself has been through prolapse disc  at the age of 19, and is no stranger to pain or managing pain. He has learned the true value of good technique in building a strong body and will share every bit of it, with you.

Get stronger and enjoy the process of doing it!