Virtual Training

1ON1 Mentorship Program

We are aiming to hand hold you virtually. We are offering mentorship with live sessions. These sessions are 1ON1 interactive training session with Prahlladh/Khushi.

The Basic Online Mentarship Program at 1ON1 includes the following for 3 months.

A customized Fitness Plan

Based on your individual goals will be provided to you. It will include a detailed video plan for weight training, cardio and flexibility.These are monitored very closely with our training app.

Weekly Progress Review

Based on the food and workout journal that you update on the apps, we will conduct a Weekly Progress Review. This is critical for the success of the program. This will be via a WhatsApp or regular call, to discuss the progress towards your fitness goal and keep up your motivation.

Diet Plan

A Diet Plan with regular consultation, customised to your weight, body type and favourite healthy dishes, with a variety of options provided. We will monitor your diet as you update details daily on the My Fitness Pal app.

Fitness Products

Any information you require on fitness products, workouts, diet foods and diet supplements will be provided as and when you need it.

Yoga Routines

Variations will be added to your Yoga routines on a monthly/ weekly basis as and when you progress.


In case of any aches, pains or injuries, we will monitor and change workouts as needed or on a monthly basis.

Along with the Online Mentorship you can have the following add oninteractive
video session options

The focus of this session is based on your requirement: the options are:

Personal strength training session with Prahlladh.Focus being on how you should be training, with the right form, the heart rate you should be at, the pace of the workout and make changes to workout based on your injury.
Yoga session with KhushiThe session will be based on your body requirement. It could be a hatha yoga session / yin session. It could be focused mainly on your back / hamstring. This will be decided prior to the session based on your weekly work and injury’s. It will be a mutual discussion between the student and trainer and session will be planned accordingly.
Live Chat with Prahlladh & Khushi Live video session on Nutrition, Strength or Yoga based on your requirement. Where you can feel free to ask us any questions / discuss any aspect of your program with us. 
Injury Rehabilitation Injury Rehabilitation we will work on recurring pains. The session focus is on exercises around the rehabilitation to strengthen the area, as well as stretches in the pain area. Also how to train with the injury.

The aim of these sessions are to amplify your workouts to achieve optimized results.

Proper Form

Proper form helps you work out more efficiently so you can use your energy for the extra push rather than wasted movements. “100 bad push-ups are less beneficial than 10 really good ones”. The better your form the better your results – run faster, lift more and jump higher when you do it right.

Proper Breathing

Proper Breathing is one of those essential tweaks that can improve your workout performance and allow you to train harder and smarter. It can help you lift heavier; it can give you more muscular endurance in weight lifting and cardio-centric activities.


Tempo also known as Time Under Tension(TUT). Tempo training is adding a set tempo or speed into your training to help you build more muscle, improve strength and aid fat loss. In other words the focus is on Quality reps rather than quantity reps. As we love the saying “ If it didn’t burn, it didn’t grow”

Right Weight & Right Range

Your weight should make you work for those last few reps (without compromising your form). In your 1ON1 video session our focus is going to be ensuring your lifting to your max with the right form.

Limit The Rest

Important to keep those breaks between sets to an optimal period. When your training live, he will ensure that your rest periods are very precise to ensure optimised results.

Workout Change

We will change your workout/ exercise in case of any aches/ pains/ cramps in a particular exercise, which will ensure avoiding any future injury.

Other Small Tweaks

We will ensure you are well Hydrated during workout, and practical hands on experience, to enter your data precisely on the app with notes about your small achievements.


Please send us photos of the equipment available for the session and mention any injuries or any past issues with any exercise. Thankyou.

Book Your Session

The Yoga session will be a full sequence class. The aim of this session is to relax and guide you on the art of doing less to get more i.e to get in the posture and not strive to hard. The aim is relax, let the body flow with gravity and open the body gently.
Format of the class:

  • Begin with a small Sanskrit prayer to tune the mind within.
  • Breathing exercises to cleanse your respiratory tract, improve lung capacity and improve concentration.
  • Dynamic stretches
  • Static stretches, holding each posture starting from 30 seconds slowly building it upto 5 minutes, concentrating on weaker areas.

The reason we hold static stretches this way is to give muscles enough time
to release on their own, not by pushing or pulling the body, not by striving, but by letting go. There is no fight with the body, but rather it’s all about flowing with the body and the breath.

Alongside we will focus on Proper Breathing and Optimum rest between stretches with music to enhance the posture as well as reduce anxiety, depression, lower/stabilize blood pressure, muscle relaxation and decrease feelings of stress and overwhelm. We will be with you in every breath.

This is an important component of the program at 1ON1, as it is this element that focuses on expanding and lengthening the muscles. It plays a crucial role in complementing the other elements of the program (that is,strength training, conditioning & cardio) which involve shortening and contracting the muscles. In addition to stretches, the program does involve inversions and balancing postures also depending on client needs.

We will also provide 10 minutes in the end to discuss any queries regarding the asanas.
The prerequisites : A yoga mat, a set of blocks, a yoga belt, a wall close by and a blanket.

The aspects covered are :

Pain reduction: Rehabilitation therapy is an effective way to lessen pain and help you become more active, without discomfort. Our focus is to reduce pain through functional movements and healthy supplementation.

Fewer muscle spasms: Functional Movements and exercise do reduce muscle spasms.

Freer movements: An injury may restrict your movements and range of motion. A controlled program of physical rehabilitation helps to restore this lost range.

Stronger muscles: Building strength in damaged muscles is important for mobility and also to prevent injuries occurring in the future.
Improved flexibility: Rehabilitation helps to loosen tight muscles for greater flexibility and less pain.

Better coordination and balance: Therapy helps you to learn how to control your muscles once more and enjoy freedom of movement.

Increased endurance levels: At the start of a physical therapy program you may not be able to do much and this is normal. But as the program goes on, you will find the movements become easier and it is simpler to complete the exercises – your endurance improves.
Improved posture: Rehabilitation therapy helps correct any problems you
experience with your posture following an injury – postural issues can cause back pain and other health problems.

Greater independence: When you can move more easily, without pain, you can get around on your own and won’t have to rely on others for physical support. The faster you recover from your injury, the quicker you can enjoy being able to do things for yourself once more.

These areas will covered with Prahlladh understanding the area of pain, the history of the pain, the exercises that he prescribes will be conducted during this session and end with supplements you should be taking for faster healing.

Prerequisites: An XRAY of the pain area if available and any exercise equipment available at home like bands, mat, ball. If not please let us know so we can plan the session accordingly.

The available packages for the same are:

Base Mentorship Program + 2 sessionsRs 43,700/- for 3 months
Mentorship Program + 4 hour live Personalised Training sessionsRs 52000/- for 3 months
Mentorship Program + 8 hour Live Personalised Training sessionsRs 67000/- for 3 months
Mentorship Program + 12 hour Live Personalised Training sessionsRs 82000/- for 3 months
1 live session. of yoga/Personal training can be purchased  3 days  prior,  based on requirement and availability5000/-

P.s: The purchase of these live sessions will be time based. For example if you have purchased 4 live sessions you can spread it as a long/short duration based on need. Incase you just need a 15 minute live session to have Prahlladh correct the form of a certain exercise. Or a longer session of 90 minutes. This will be planned earlier.

A no show session will be chargeable.There will be no transfer of sessions to another individual. The sessions have to be completed within the 3 month period in an organized fashion.

Online Live sessions only without Menotship Program are:

4 sessions of Yoga/ Personal Training within 2 weeks17000/-
8 sessions of Yoga/ Personal Training within 4 weeks32000/-
12 sessions of Yoga/ Personal Training within 6 weeks.43,700/-
1 1 live session. of yoga/Personal training can be purchased  3 days  prior,  based on requirement and availability5000/-

P.s: The choice of how we spread the sessions within the given time frame of the package you choose will be planned on a weekly basis. The time of these sessions will be decided 1 week before and can be cancelled 24 hours prior. Anything later than 24 hours session cannot be cancelled.
A no show session will be chargeable.There will be no transfer of sessions to another individual. The sessions have to be completed within the 3 month period in an organised fashion.

We will require you to have a smart phone

Download the zoom app

We will send you the meeting id and password 24 hours prior to the session

We would need you to have a tripod / pop socket where your phone can be kept in a standing position to ensure we are able to see your posture completely while your performing the exercise.

We have found the Online Program to be a great success with most of our students. However, implementation of the program falls squarely on you. This program will be truly beneficial only if you make the most of having trainers on call, report your diet and training regularly and prioritise calls and communication. Without this effort on your part, our guidance will not be enough to ensure the results you want.

Termination of the Online Program: Clauses

Clause 1:  We require you to update your training, cardio, body stats on Trainerize regularly. Diet has to be reported throught my fitness Pal every day. Without regular reporting, this program will not bring any change to your lifestyle. You have to be dedicated, committed and feel accountable to your trainer.

Reporting is the key to the success of this program.

Clause 2: We will fix a call time every week to check your progress, discuss  your diet and any issues you might have. Without any response or input from your side, we will continue to send reminders for up to 3 weeks. After this, we will no longer attempt to get in touch with you, but will be available for help for  he remainder of the 3-month period.

Please note: With online consultations, our role is to provide constant guidance. However, the responsibility for implementation falls on you. Results cannot be guaranteed on our end, but we are confident that following the program we offer and taking our help as you need it will show you the results you’re looking for.

Once you have read, and chosen the online package of your choice, please call us and we will be happy to guide you with the next steps forward.

Please feel free to call for queries.