Every day of our lives we wake up and strive for perfection in everything we do! This class is aimed at not striving – no trying, just pause and truly let go!

The format of the class is as follows:
  • Begin with a small Sanskrit prayer to tune the mind within.
  • Breathing exercises to cleanse your respiratory tract, improve lung capacity and improve concentration.
  • Dynamic stretches (such as Surya Namaskar)
  • Static stretches, holding each posture starting from 30 seconds slowly building it upto 5 minutes, concentrating on weaker areas.

The reason we hold static stretches this way is to give muscles enough time to release on their own, not by pushing or pulling the body, not by striving, but by letting go. There is no fight with the body, but rather it’s all about flowing with the body and the breath.

This is an important component of the program at 1ON1, as it is the only element that focuses on expanding and lengthening the muscles. It plays a crucial role in complementing the other elements of the program (that is, strength training, conditioning & cardio) which involve shortening and contracting the muscles. In addition to stretches, the program does involve inversions and balancing postures also.

However, these are taught for their true benefits, not because they make for great Instagram posts! We do introduce you to headstands, shoulder stands and other postures, in keeping with your pace and any existing injuries.

At the end of camp, after completing  4 Hatha yoga & 2 Yin  sessions each week, we provide a routine which students can take back and continue with after leaving the 1ON1 camp.

Please note: 1ON1 customises all individual programs based on pre-existing injuries, age and bodies abilities.

The focus of the class is to heal.